Non-woven wallpaper

Coating thickness: depends on embossing and structure; Textures: Gloss, Sand, Hoarfrost, Leather

With the arrival of new decore materials on the market, our idea of ​​a modern and attractive interior has changed significantly. A wide range of colors and textures, unusual combinations of natural and artificial materials, a mixture of styles and eras — all these are new design trends. Non-woven wallpaper is one of the products that can radically change the concept of a house or commercial object. Non-woven wallpaper gives the opportunity to put on your surface a variety of images, ranging from photorealistic landscapes to masterpieces of contemporary art.

Non-flammable wallpaper for public premises

As a material for decorating the walls of  commercial and non-residential institutions, is used non- flammable  wallpaper. The material used in their production provides an opportunity to achieve maximum safety and meet all the requirements of regulatory organizations.Also  non-flammable wallpaper for public premises have high aesthetic qualities. A wide range allows you to choose an interesting texture, and  print anunique image on their surface.

New from the Russian manufacturer! Terminal Design Wallpapers

We present to your attention a novelty from manufacturer — non-woven wallpaper “Terminal Design”! A unique material with you can radically change the design of any room. What are the advantages of Terminal Design? The main feature of the wallpaper is their high aesthetic qualities. Using the available inkjet printing, on the wallpaper  surfaceyou can print an image of any complexity in high resolution and quality color rendering. Additional advantages are high quality, durability and fire safety.