Linen canvas for printing Terminal Design Group (Russia)

Modern interior concepts have long ago departed from the strict adherence to a certain style and traditional combination of materials. Eclectic dictates the rules of new design trends. Create a spectacular and attractive interior can only resort to non-trivial solutions.

Panels made of crocodile leather, combined with Warhol’s reproductions and Victorian secretaries will surely impress the customer’s imagination, but are unlikely to find realization in a mass interior. And this means that it is necessary to look for effective solutions in a more affordable price range. Linen canvas for printing is a material with great potential.

With the help of affordable inkjet printing, the designer can create a unique image that is applied to any vertical surface. Linen canvas for printing has a special coating, which is prepared for the ink gets. Its technological features consist in high color rendering quality, which allows to achieve reference visual characteristics.

Imitation of the Renaissance fresco, canvas of pop art,  panorama of the night Manhattan, a gastronomic collage can all be created with minimal costs. Materials of “Terminal Design Group” (Russia) makes it possible to transform any residential or commercial space.

Linen canvas for printing can be used as the main material for decorating walls, and can be chosen as a separate element. For example, the main vertical surface is covered with wallpaper, and linen canvas for printing with the original image will be a central panel.

The scope of application of the Terminal Design Group (Russia) is very broad: the decor of restaurants and fast food establishments, shops and other retail areas, a part of the office or business center, the design of a children’s room, living room, kitchen, office — any space, which requires an unusual approach in design.

Based on the affordable price and a wide range of products used by Terminal Design Group (Russia), we can safely recommend the material as an interesting interior solution for designers, finishing specialists, and independent interior experiments.