Fiberglass wallpaper

Fibreglass wallcovering, made of natural materials such as silica,soda,lime and dolomite,is non-toxic and non-smell.The fibreglass wallcovering is woven through special processes by using fibers that are made at a temperature up to 1200°C. With unique safe and environment-friendly properties,Walldec fibreglass wallcovering is a new type of green building material with environmental protection effects.

Fibreglass wallcovering — non-woven (press) with special fastening impregnation fireproof coating for walls and ceilings, strengthening the surface with increased demands for hygiene and fire safety. It is intended for covering of internal concrete, plastered and brick surfaces, chipboard, fibreboard and gypsum boards with  according to the instruction. Gives the reinforcing effect of the surface, hides defects. Prevents the growth of microorganisms. The material is used on walls and ceilings in commercial and frequent designs in rooms with increased fire safety requirements, in particular in medical institutions, public catering establishments, hotels, children’s and other premises. Applicable also in damp rooms, provided the use of a moisture-resistant filler and a moisture-resistant glue.

The material is completely safe for the skin and convenient for work, almost does not crumple and does not stretch in wet condition, like paper wallpaper or cellulose  canvases. During installation, the material creates a smooth surface of the walls without visible seams.

Fibreglass wallcovering  for ECO-solvent ink printing

To the repair materials and decor elements are put forward high requirements relating to the environmental safety of products. In particular, the materials for the wall surface should not contain toxic dyes. Fibreglass wallcovering  with ECO ink is a reference material from the position of ecology. Using them as a basis for creating an original interior space, you can get absolutely harmless for residential or commercial premises solution. Fibreglass wallcovering  for printing ECO inks — an ideal basis for working with non aggressive components.

Fibreglass wallcovering  for ink printing

With development of the printing business and the emergence of new affordable technologies, it became possible to apply a quality image not only to paper or specially prepared surfaces. Fibreglass wallcovering  for a plotter  is an individual material that can be made completely unique. By selecting the texture of the surface, with any simple printing equipment, you can make any image. For affordable means we get an interesting solution for any residential or commercial premises.