Non-woven wallpaper «Skin» 230 g/m2

Printing inks: Solvent, Ecosolvent, Latex and UV printing Coil characteristics: Width: 133 cm; Roll length: 50m; The diameter of the inner sleeve: 7.6 cm; Factory packing: paper, polyethylene, box. Total density: 280 gr / m2, +/- 15 gr / m2; Coating thickness: depends on embossing and structure; Textures: Gloss, Sand, Hoarfrost, Leather, Plaster, Matte, Canvas, Coarse Sand Coil weight ~ 20 kg. Box + Tube + Material.

Wallpaper on non-woven basis (Russia) Popular wallpaper on a non-woven basis (Russia) is one of the most interesting materials for the decoration of wall surfaces, which combine a lot of advantages. Wallpaper on non-woven base (Russia) have a vinyl coating with a special formulation for the use of inkjet printing. The material is resistant to erasure, easy to clean, has high fire resistance. Wallpaper based on non-woven base are resistant to various detergents even after applying the image, which is very practical for decorating commercial premises. In addition, the material is classified as safe from the position of sanitary and fire control.