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In our online store you can buy materials for printing, wallpaper for printing, canvases for printing.

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Here you will find materials for printing, various models of wallpaper for printing such as vinyl, textile wallpaper, glass fabric for walls. Canvases for interior solutions and reproductions. Textiles for, advertising constructions.

 Materials for ink jet printing  

 The catalog of materials for ink jet printing  

The use of modern printing technologies has won the market of advertising services, and also the sphere of interior design, various directions of creativity, connected with the fine arts. This became possible due to the fact that high-quality materials for printing appeared on the market, which can be used for various purposes. Our company offers a large selection of such products. We have the following print materials at our disposal: wallpapers that have increased protection against fire and high temperatures; Wallpaper of natural and environmentally friendly materials (linen and cotton); Non-woven wallpaper; Canvas for creating individual wallpaper, interior panels, reproductions, including canvas «Verge»; High-quality synthetic materials for printing; Fiberglass wallpapers; Textured materials (sand of different fractions, imitation of stucco, leather). All products are available in a wide range of shades and textures, allowing you to find the optimal solution for any space. We have large assortment, that why our customers can realize any idea and create an absolutely unique interior concept for affordable means.

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Wallpapers for decorating commercial premises.

Wallpaper for office

In Decor of office space used high aesthetic requirementsandrequires compliance with high indicators of durability and safety. Wallpapers in the office of «Terminal Design Group» are designed for long-term and active exploitation and are designed for inkjet printing. Washable non-woven wallpaper in the office — the best option for wall decoration.

Wallpapers for a restaurant

The design of a gastronomic space should be in harmony with the general concept of an institution, and attract visitors with its novelty and originality. Choosing wallpaper in a restaurant, you should stop the focus on materials on non-woven base, which allows you to print. Our wallpaper in the restaurant is fireproof, easy to clean, designed for long-term use.

Wallpapers for a bar

New visitors to the catering establishment can be attracted not only by the impeccable menu and loyal prices, but also by the unique atmosphere of the premises. The wallpaper in bar is a non-trivial design solution for affordable means. The wallpaper in the bar has a non-woven base, which allows you to printedabsolutely any image. In addition, the material is practical and safe.

Wallpapers for a hotel

Diversify the design of rooms and other premises of the hotel complex, and get a durable and high-quality finishing material will help wallpaper in the hotel. The unique characteristics of our wallpaper in the hotel you can apply any image chosen by the customer and create an interesting interior concept for low means. In addition, this material meets all the requirements of fire safety and is designed for active exploitation.

Wallpaper for living quarters.

Wallpaper forapartment

Creating a unique atmosphere of an apartment is a task for only qualitative décor materials. Cotton, linen or non-woven wallpaperwith of printing can be turned into a unique interior solution — the best choice for designers and their customers. Wallpaperof our production in the apartmentallows you to apply latex, eco-solvent and UV inks.

Wallpaper for country house

Exterior and interior decoration of a country house needs interesting and original design solutions. An important roleis played the decor of the wall surfaces. Wallpaper in the cottage – a very important material in Finishing works and decoration. Our wallpaper in the cottage can be used for applying inkjet printing, which makes them an excellent choice for designer and customer.

Wallpapers for children’s room

Wallpaper in the children’s room must first of all be safe for the child, and also possess a number of certain characteristics. High durability, easy cleaning, interesting visual qualities. Our wallpaper in a children’s room on a linen, non-woven, cotton basis have hypoallergenicandantifungal protection. And they can be applied to print any interesting for the child image.

Wallpaper for a bathroom

High humidity, risk of fungus formation — all these are operational features of bathrooms and swimming pools. Our wallpaper in the bathroom is a solution that has no analogues: maximum protection from moisture and fungus, the possibility of simple cleaning, high durability. Wallpaper in the bathroom, presented in our range, have high aesthetic qualities.

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