Textiles for printing

Non-inflammable polyester textiles

The achievements of the modern chemical industry, a unique material was obtained that combines the qualities of polyester and cotton. Low-burning polyester textiles have a wide range of applications, but the most demanded area of ​​use is the creation of interior and decor materials. Low-burning polyester textiles have high strength, well-passes the sun’s rays and air, easy to clean, resistant to dirt and other physical effects.

Non-inflammable textiles for ink printing

Creating an interesting interior requires the designer not only creative approach, but also the application of interesting modern and stylish solutions. This is especially true for complex commercial projects, where complain   visual  and technical requirements. Non-flammable textiles for ink printing are good when it is necessary to combine practicality and aesthetics. Non-flammable textiles for ink  printing have high durability and deformation resistance  . It perfectly harmonizes with any interior and can become the main element of an interesting concept.

Non-flammable textiles for interior works

As an interesting material for repair and decoration of commercial and residential premises is incombustible textiles for interior work. This material has a high fire resistance, which allows it to be used in rooms with certain safety requirements. On Non-flammable textiles for interior works, you can apply any image that will become the basis of the concept of the room. In addition to these qualities, the material has good resistance to deformation, it is easy to clean and wash, does not stretch, and also does not change the structure when applied