Fireproof non-woven wallpaper. Material not capable of supporting combustion B1

Fireproof non-woven wallpaper. Material that is not capable of supporting combustion of KM1 Printing inks: Solvent, Ecosolvent, Latex and UV printing Coil characteristics: Width: 106cm, 129cm, 133cm; Coil length: from 15m to 60m; The diameter of the inner sleeve: 7.6 cm; Factory packing: paper, polyethylene, box. Total density: 260 g / m2, +/- 15 g / m2;

This material has been certified Under your terms of reference, it can be produced in various widths and windings. Qualitatively packed and delivered to your warehouse. Sending samples Coil weight ~ 20 kg. Box + Tube + Material.