Fiberglass wallpaper 190 gr/m2 for printing UV & Latex

Fiberglass (glassfreezelin) fireproof fiberglass for wall covering. Are intended for pasting of internal giprochnyh or concrete walls or ceilings. Allows you to decorate the room and hide the defects of the walls. In this material, glass fibers are fastened in a special way, the surface itself is covered with a special composition, and the base itself is impregnated with an anti-fungal additive. It turns out a simple and not whimsical material on which you can print with modern printers or use for painting. 

The material is suitable for use in medical and perinatal centers. In kindergartens and schools. In educational institutions. In rooms where the increased requirements for fire safety. Material does not contain PVC Fireproof to class KM1 (B1)